Thermal Management Materials


Universal Science approaches thermal management differently from most other materials manufacturers. We have the capacity, depth of experience and dedication needed to offer thermal solutions to our clients. Often, mechanical or electronic engineers without thermal experience are tasked with managing the heat in the electronic assembles they are designing.

This is where Universal Science can offer our expert knowledge. Suggested thermal designs provided by our engineers are derived from extensive thermal management experience that customers have learnt to trust. Universal Science is entirely independent and has the largest array of thermal materials available in the market; from adhesives to heatsinks.

Universal Science is committed to delivering our clients the most cost-effective and reliable thermal solutions available. Products range from heatsinks, Peltier devices, interface materials and thermal substrates plus many other materials that aim to complete your thermal solution. Universal Science does not stop there, we have fully automated production for populating thermal substrates with LEDs and supplied as a finished sub-assembly.