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EMI Shielding

What is EMI shielding?

 Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is when one electronic device interferes with another through the electromagnetic fields. With EMI shielding, you create a barrier to prevent leakage of strong electromagnetic fields that interfere with the signal and device.

Closely related to this is radio frequency interference (RFI). Both EMI and RFI cause a problem for most electronics as they affect the circuit or even cause it to fail. RFI shielding lessens the electromagnetic field by blocking with barriers made of magnetic or electrically conductive materials. This RFI shielding is applied to electronic enclosures to isolate the emitting electrical devices from the wider environment. Shielding is important because EMI and RFI hinder the performance of the device.

 How does EMI shielding work?

How does your WiFi connection and mobile phone signal not cross over one another and cause disruption or interference? The answer is EMI shielding. EMI or RMI is when one source disrupts another source’s signal and prevents it from doing its job. You can’t avoid EMI but you can prevent it with shielding. This is a way to protect your devices from picking up the wrong signals. It is a material that surrounds your device to prevent the interference. It is made up of a metallic screen that absorbs all the interference that is transmitted through the air. When the signals reach your device, it causes a current that will be absorbed by a ground connection or virtual ground plane. It stops the signals before they reach any of the sensitive circuits of your device.

Applications for EMI Shielding

High voltage contact switching

Train signalling and control systems

Electrical and electronic equipment in surgical units

Life support devices such as ventilators and infusion pumps

Medical and laboratory equipment

Patient telemetry and assistance equipment

X-ray machines for diagnostics and therapeutics

High-power microwave weapons

Looking for expert advice on EMI Shielding?

Universal Science can provide custom-cut EMI and RFI shielding materials for a range of electronic builds.