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Sealing Gaskets

What are sealing gaskets?

Protect electronics from external dangers with sealing gaskets. They fill the space between two or more surfaces that are commonly found in electronic, engineering and lighting assemblies.

It creates a seamless connection between the surfaces.

How do sealing gaskets work?

When a gasket material is compressed between two surfaces, it causes a seal to be created. These are used to prevent leakages, hold pressure and prevent contamination. The gasket works by forming an entire barrier, an air-tight and pressure-tight seal between stationary components to protect the contents inside. The gasket works regardless of fluctuations in pressure and temperature. They can also reduce sound or vibration, as well as being used for hygiene purposes. Sealing gaskets also protect moving parts by separating them from rubbing against hard surfaces and causing friction.

Applications for Sealing Gaskets

Food processing


Electrical equipment




Sanitary processing

Water pipes

Looking for expert advice on Sealing Gaskets?

We have a range of sealing gaskets or can custom-cut materials to fit any size, shape or specification